Checkers Rules

Key checkers rules to follow while playing the Checkers game!

The game of Checkers is usually played on the standard 64 square board. The 32 squares of dark colored are used in the play. Every player starts the game with 12 pieces which are also known as checkers, placed in three rows closest. The key object of this game is to capture entire of the opponent’s checkers and the position of your pieces and hence your opponent does not have any kind of the available moves. Let us now discuss some of the key checkers rule that should be followed while you are playing the checker’s game.

–        Movement

Here, basic movement is about moving the checker one space forward diagonally. You might not move the checker backwards till the time it becomes the King, as below described. If the jump is available, so you might also take a jump, as it is described in next set of question and answer.

–        Jumping

If one of the checker of the opponent party is on the forward diagonal which is next to one of the checkers, and also next space is beyond the opponent’s checker stays to be empty, so your checker should simply jump to the opponent’s checker and should land in space beyond. The opponent’s checker gets captured as well as removed from board.

Once you make the make one jump, the checker might also have some other jump which is available from their new position. The checker should also take that jump as well. It should continue to jump till the time there are no such jumps available. Both the kings as well as men are allowed for making the multiple jumps.

If, at start of the turn, jumps are available for more than one of the checkers, so you might also decide that which one should you move. But when you have selected one, it will take all those jumps which it can.

–        If possible you should Jump

If the jump is available for any of your pieces, you should do that jump. In case some more or any additional jumps are available with the same piece, you should also continue to jump with them until it may simply jump any more. To make second or the third jump with the piece, you do not require clicking that piece over the time again. Just click on next space where it will still jump.

In case more than one of the pieces has a jump that is available at beginning of your turn, you may simply choose that is the piece that will make you to take the move. Now, you should also make all the jumps that are available for that specific piece.

–        Crowning

While one of the checkers reaches at opposite side of board, it gets crowned and then it becomes a King. This is when your turn will come to an end. A King has all the power to move backward and also he can move forward as well as he can cover the diagonals. It may simply move a distance of single space.

 The King may even jump backward as well as forward. It might also jump while it is possible, and it should also take all the jumps that are simply available to it. In every single jump, King may also jump over one of the opposing piece at such time, and it should also land in space which is only beyond the captured piece. However, King cannot move various different spaces before as well after jumping the piece.

Start a Game of Online Checkers

With the Detailed instructions on beginning of the game may also be found in the special short tutorial. Let us now understand about the brief explanation.

Look at the menu column that is mentioned on left side of screen. Near to top under the ‘Play’ you can also see ‘Start Game.’ After this you can ‘Start Game’ and also then you will see the page where you will select what kind of the game you wish to play. In case you are selecting the checkers, the game board will be there. You will get Red, and also at the same time you will also have an option of making the initial move at that time. For moving, click on a piece; and then you need to click on the place to move and then you need to click the button of ‘Submit’ which is beneath game board.

The game will get placed in Waiting Room where it actually waits for an opponent. In case an opponent picks up a game, this game will reappear on the status page of the game in list where it is your turn for move.

Moving the Checkers

After the game of checkers start, you can go to it for referring any point of time by clicking on the name of opponent as it appears on the status page of the game. In case it is your turn, you can see blue color of outlines around checkers where the opponent moved in their last turn.

To start your turn, click on the checker you wish to move. You should also remember, if the jump is accessible, you should take it. Once you click on the checker you wish to move, a new page would then appear showing the checker having the red color of the outline. Now after this, you need to click on the space to move the checker to the new page that will also load showing the movement of the checker.

When you have done the jump and other jump is also available with the similar checker, you do not require clicking on similar checker again. Just you need to click the next space where it will jump on. While you are through, there are various Submit buttons that can simply appear beneath your check board. You need to click the submit button where you can finish the move. When you does not see submit buttons, so you might not have taken all requisite jumps which are available. You may also check the board once again and ensure that you have made entire of the important jumps.

When you are unable to move a Piece

There are times; you might also find that you cannot click on the checkers piece to move. While it happens, you can look at board quite prudently. You possibly have the jump available with some different piece. In such kind of the case, you must jump with a piece which also has a jump. At the same time, you must also take each single jump that the piece is available.

How can I offer the draw?

You need to click at the button of Offer Draw which is available on bottom of page which is displayed on the game board. Your opponent will then send you a message asking that if she would prefer to accept or to decline this draw. It also does not need to be always your turn when you wish to offer the draw.

Offering of the draw also does not count for making any move in this game. When you offer the draw in the game of tournament, you may also wish to make a real or actual move in game at the same time; you need to be sure that you do not get time out. In case your opponent makes a move devoid of responding to draw offer, this draw offer would get erased from the message inbox.

House rule: When there are 50 moves without any capture it becomes a draw

In case there are 50 moves for every player which they have passed devoid of capture and so the opponent also refuses to agree to the draw, please email the game hence we will declare the game to be a draw. As per the Official rules of the checkers they does not actually cover them either of the way, so we are also setting them up as the house rule in key interests for keeping the tournaments always moving, and also you should avoid any such situation where the game goes this for hundreds of moves. The rule is considered to be official rule in the chess, and also we have selected this to implement for American Checkers also.

House rule: EXACT position of board occurring 3 times during the game it becomes a draw

If same and the exact positioning of the pieces on ENTIRE board happen to be for three times in this game, the game will become automatically draw. It is an official rule for chess; however we are also expanding that this is the house rule in various games to stop the games when they are no more actually progressing.

For such a rule to take the effect, the complete board with your pieces and pieces of the opponent should be in EXACT position on the three different moves. While it happens, the computer will declare the game as a draw automatically. On the other hand, if you would like to declare the draw manually, you need to click ‘Offer Draw’ among different options that are beneath the game board. When your opponent refuses the draw in such kind of the situation, you might also have to wait for software to detect such kind of the situation.

If you would like the game to get declared with the draw sooner, you need to pull up a game on the screen and click on ‘Email Websupport of the game’ at bottom of a page. When the 3-move repetition happens, then we will definitely declare the game as draw.

Pro Checkers (KP)

The Pro Checkers starts with initial three moves such as red, then white, and after than red which is already made for you. Also, opening moves also come from the set of 144 openings that are approved for various official tournaments, as an addition some more additional openings that are approved for the by-mail play.

When you invite any opponent to the two-game of the match of the Pro Checkers, each of the game uses similar kind of the opening moves, and you will also play each game in the different color. When you enter the tournament, the two games which you play with the single opponent even use the similar kind of the opening moves, and hence you can play the different color in each of them.

While you invite other person to play Pro Checkers, you may also choose opening for this game, or you may even choose any of the random opening. You can check the next question for additional help for choosing Pro Checkers opening in the invitation of the game.

Pro Checkers (KP): Selecting Opening of game

While you are inviting another member to the game of Pro Checkers, you may simply choose 3-move for opening the game. You need to follow the normal set of the process for inviting another player to play the game. While you get to screen where you will write a message to go with the invitation, you need to beneath the box where you can simply type in message. There, can also see a list of drop-down where you may choose an opening, or allow opening to be random. When you are inviting a person to the two-game match, the similar kind of the opening will be used for both such games. Starting the Pro Checkers game through the invitation is a single ways through which choose an opening. While you are placing a game in the Waiting Room or playing in the tournament, openings may also become quite random.

Anti-Checkers (KA)

In the Anti-Checkers, you can simply win when you are first to lose all the pieces or when you have no such legal moves. All other regulations and rules are same as they are in the regular checkers.

Crowded Checkers (KC)

In this game the rules stands to be same as in the standard checkers, but game gets played on the board of 10 by 10, and every player begins with the 20 checkers.

Sparse Checkers (KS)

The rules usually are same for the standard checkers, but this kind of the game is usually played on the board of 10 by 10 and every such player starts with usually 15 checkers.

Mule Checkers (KM)

–        Background of the game:

The game of Mule Checkers is mainly based on the game which is invented by V. R. Parton known as Les Vauriens that also means “good for nothing”; this game was mainly featured in the book of R. Wayne Schmittberger about New Rules for the Classic Games. Though the original as well as the genuine version of the game was mainly based on the Russian Checkers, such version is also based on the American Checkers.

–        Setup of the game:

The diagram shows about the starting setup. A Single mule from every such side has also been circled. Every such player begins with just 8 regular pieces as well as 4 Mules.

–        Playing this game:

The Mules move as well as capture precisely like the regular pieces. Check the rules for the American Checkers for further details about how this game is played. Moreover, Mules just affect the losing or the winning of the game, or else they get treated like other piece while capturing, moving and being captured.

–        Winning of this game:

You may win this game if you will lose all the Mules. On the other hand, you will lose this game when you are forced to promote the Mule. Also, you may even lose the game when you will lose all the regular pieces.

Hence, to summarize, you may simply win the game in three different ways:

  • Through capturing all the regular pieces of OPPONENT
  • If you will lose all the Mules
  • If you will force your OPPONENT for promoting the Mule

Here also, to summarize, you may simply lose the game in three different ways:

  • By losing entire of the regular pieces
  • When you capture all of the Mule pieces of OPPONENT
  • When you promote  the Mule

Apart from this, when it is your turn, you don’t need to have any kind of the legal move (possibly all the pieces get blocked), and then you may simply lose the game. This rule stands to be similar like the American Checkers.

Moreover, in case when you capture the entire opponent’s pieces in just one turn (both for the regular pieces as well as for the mule pieces), then there is a possibility that you may even win.

How will I get better on the checkers?

Playing the game regularly will definitely help you to improve the checkers game. You might even wish to buy the checkers book as well as study it.