The board game which is also known as “Checkers” in the North America as well as “Draughts” (that is also pronounced as “drafts”) in the Europe is mainly one of oldest games which is well known to early man. Moreover, history of the checkers may also be traced to the cradle of civilization, where the vestiges of earliest form of this game was unearthed in the archeological dig which was in the ancient city in the southern Mesopotamia, that is also now the modern day Iraq. However, using the much slightly different kind of the board, no one is definitely confirmed and sure about the exact or the perfect rules of game that is available on carbon dated at about 3000 B.C. However, the similar kind of the game using the board of 5×5, which is known as Alquerque is also known to have happened in the ancient Egypt as quite back as in the 1400 B.C.

The version of Egyptian was so renowned that man played them for several years. Also, in year 1100 A.D., the most innovative Frenchman planned to play this game on the chess board and it also enhanced the number of the pieces for every such player to 12. It helps to then modified the game which was known as “Fierges” or “Ferses,” however, it was also much appropriately known as “Le Jeu Plaisant De Dames,” for the reason it was considered to be the social game of the women. Later, this kind of the game was made much challenging by making some of the jumps to be mandatory and so, their newer version was mainly referred as “Jeu Force.”

As early during the mid-1500s, books also were written on game and in the year 1756, an English mathematician also wrote the treatise on draughts. So, with their own mentioned rules, this game was settled in England where it is also known as the “Draughts” and in America it is known as “Checkers.” This game has steadily raised high in popularity as years went. No doubt that 1847 was a crucial year in history of the checkers game when first award of championship was given. Subsequently, game enthusiasts have also noticed that specific openings gave benefits to one single side. And hence, to start this game in random manner, restrictions about the two moves were developed for the expert players. In the modern tournament the checkers have been restricted for three moves.

1952 was also the landmark year in colorful history of the checkers as Arthur L. Samuel produced the first program of checkers that was generally used by a computer. Slowly, such game programs are also improved as the speed of the computer and their capacities have also increased. Checkers also continues to be much renowned as ever and also the people all around the world play various versions of this game for entertaining themselves as well as to strengthen their powers about the logic or just enjoy the quality time by playing the good game at your home with your family.

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